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Well well well, that was fast! It was just yesterday that we reported about HTC’s decision to scrap its plans to offer any further OS update to its now aging smartphone, the HTC Desire. Less than 24 hours later, HTC has on the same Facebook page, posted an update ...

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The history of Google’s Nexus series of smartphones has been very interesting. First came the Nexus One, the device promised users an unadulterated Android experience. This at a time when most Android device manufacturers were busy customizing their Android offerings ...

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Holding on to your good ol’ HTC Desire waiting for an official update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread? Well your wait might have been for naught because if we are to believe an update on HTC’s official UK Facebook page, the device will not be officially receiving ...

Android Accounts For 44% of the Smartphones Sales in The UK
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There is little doubt that Google’s Android platform is gradually taking over smartphone market share. After leaving Symbian behind, the previously dominant OS, Android seems to be in no hurry to give other operating systems a chance.  It even looks like they will increase the gap between the other players even more as well. In the UK for example, according to latest data from research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Android smartphones account for almost half of the total smartphones sales in the country.

Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad 2 & Motorola Xoom Trashed in Drop Test
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If you happen to be an Android tablet user and are unhappy with the kind of attention the iPad gets for its superior UI, apps availability and other "do no wrong things and features" in general, here’s something that might make you happy. Folks with lots of money to spare from over at Square Trade decided to find out which of the three popular tablets in the US was the most durable one out there. Here’s what they came up with.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Goes On Sale in the US
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Waiting to lay your hands on the latest Android Honeycomb tablet? Well, if you are in the States, your wait is over because today Samsung releasing its latest Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States. The device is now available for pre-order at BestBuy. However, if pre-ordering isn’t an option for you and you want the tablet in your hands now, head to New York where the tablet is a actually available for purchase at the Best Buy Store in Union Square.

Three Critical Do
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Back in the early days of Twitter, it was exciting and fresh to see a major company with a Twitter presence. Back then a company like Comcast could make a big splash in the world of social networking simply by providing users with an alternative platform through which to contact the company. These days, though, it seems like you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a company with a Twitter presence, often run by a so-called "social media expert."

How to Post Pictures and Photos on Twitter
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With the announcement this week that Twitter is going to start integrating photo sharing into their website, a lot of users seemed to realize all of a sudden that they didn't actually realize that you could post images on Twitter. To make matters worse, after making the announcement that Twitter photo sharing was in development, Twitter removed the old instructions about how to post pictures on Twitter from their website in preparation for the eventual launch of their own Twitter image sharing features.

How to Add the Twitter Follow Button to Your Website
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Twitter launched their new Twitter follow button this week, and web developers are already scrambling to figure out how to implement it on their websites. Luckily, getting the new Twitter follow button on your website is a lot easier than you might think - in most cases, it's as simple as copy/paste.

Has Twitter Declared War on Third Party Applications?
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For years now Twitter has been widely considered to be one of the most open platforms in the world in terms of third-party applications, but from all appearances, that seems to be changing as Twitter is taking an increasingly hard line against developers who step on the microblogging platform's toes.

Samsung Galaxy S II Outsells Apple iPhone 4 In the UK
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It looks we may be about to see the domination of the iPhone 4 ending. Apple’s super phone has managed to consistently lead the smartphones sales pack in multiple countries all over the globe over the course of the past few years. With Android rapidly gaining ground however, Apple’s domination of the smartphone market is under serious threat. However, no single Android device could come close to the phenomenal sales achieved by the iPhone. Until now. 

Let There be Root! HTC Abolishes Bootloader Locking Policy
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A rare bit of good news for owners of HTC Android phones: the mobile phone manufacturer has officially announced the abolishment of its previous policy of locking down the phone's bootloaders, meaning that future Android phones will be "rootable" without requiring too much effort on the part of the user.

Google Updates Google Maps To Version 5.5
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It was not long ago that Google’s Marissa Mayer who heads its ‘locations and mapping” unit, quipped that more people would access Google Maps on Mobile phones than on PC’s by 2012. Its Android platform has been a chief contributor to the exponential growth of smartphones over the past few quarters. With almost all Android devices shipping with Google Maps, it is just a matter of time that the number of Maps users on smartphones exceeds that on PC’s. Keeping that in mind, Google has just announced an update for Google Maps for Android.

Motorola Droid X To Get Android 2.3 Gingerbread
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Do you have a Motorola Droid X lying around? Well, the phone you thought of discarding in favor of the new Droid – the Droid X2 might just get a wee bit smarter in the next few days. Verizon Wireless will be rolling out a much awaited Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Droid X in the next few days.  It will come around May 27, 2011 if the little birdies at Mobileburn are to be believed.

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