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With more and more doctors and nurses hitting the smartphone scene, it stands to reason that there would be apps out there that cater to them. If you are in the medical field you will probably find a lot of these apps very helpful.

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 Consumer reports is worried that Microsoft's ad for their new social networking mobile phone for teens, the Kin, is "creepy".  They are also suggesting that the ad encourages "sexting".

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 Today at the Chirp twitter conference, twitter co-founder Biz Stone revealed some interesting stats about twitter. 

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TD Bank Financial Group Canada has launched an iPhone app this week.  The app will give TD's four million customers and 850,000 web clients banking functionality, branch location services, access to all their websites and more.  

This is TD's first venture into the world of mobile apps for their customers.  They pledge to continue to enhance functionality and add access for new devices in the months  ahead.  

The TD app is available in the Apple app store immediately.

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 Google has posted a breakdown of the Android mobile operating system version that Android phones are currently using.  They data is based on all Android phones that accessed the market for fourteen days ending on April 12, 2010.

The results are not that surprising.  Almost 70% of Android phones out there today are still running the older Android 1.5 and 1.6 versions of the operating system.  

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Are you anxiously waiting to get an iPad and don't live in America?  Apple has some bad news for you today, international availability of iPads are being delayed by one month.  

The official reason is due to unexpected demand in the USA.  Apple has sold over 500,000 iPads in America in the first week alone.  Then another big batch was due to go out on April 12 to fulfill orders placed online from the end of March up until the 12th. 

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Vodafone, the second largest mobile phone operator in the world with 322 million mobile subscribers, (behind China Mobile's 522 million subscribers) is going to launch their own Android app store this year.  

Although fairly new to the apps game, they have got their feet wet with their Vodafone 360 app store and also selling eBooks to subscribers in Spain.  Vodafone 360 currently has about 7,000 "widget" apps based on the Opera Mini widget platform.  

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 As expected, Apple has approved the Opera Mini browser to compete against their own Safari browser on the iPhone.  Opera put their application in the public eye by beating the PR drum and also putting up a special page for the public to track how long the submission to Apple iPhone platform would take to be approved (or denied).

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 Today Microsoft announced two new Social Networking based feature phones.  

Here is a video intro to give you an an initial overview and we will have more info and pictures in a future post. 


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 To say the Palm has been through a rough patch recently is an understatement.  In their last earnings report to shareholders, they were the bearer of bad news.  Basically, they were not selling anywhere near the number of Palm smartphones as they had projected.  They missed analyst's expected revenue target of $300 million by half and only brought in $150 million.  A very cool response to their flagship smartphone product, the Palm Pre (and WebOS), by the market to say the least.  

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