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As we put up the forum here, we are looking for feedback from you, the Twitter community. What do you want to ask about Twitter? What do you want to discuss in the Twitter forums? Are you a developer looking for help from other Twitter developers? Or are you and advertizing or search engine optimizer looking to share ideas about Twitter?

Or are you a Twitter user looking to set things up? Or none of the above!

In any case, if you have any ideas on how we can make the Twitter forums the best they can be.... let us know.

Post your suggestions here...

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Welcome to the new unofficial Twitter forums ! First of all we just want to make it clear that these forums are in no part or way connected with the Twitter service, website, parent company(s) or their staff members. We think they have done a great job so far and they have launched a brilliant service. Kudos to everyone at Twitter! The reason why we are here is simple, there are a lot of questions and discussions going on about the vast new possibilities for the Twitter service and we want to bring everyone together to discuss and to help each other and the community. Our aim is to grow...

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