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Last week we were at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing.  It was in a huge new exhibition center in Beijing near the famous Olympic bird's nest stadium and the "water cube" Olympic swimming complex.  


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 If you have been sitting on the fence whether to jailbreak your iPhone or not then this video is for you.  Robert Scoble sits down with @saurik, the creator of Cydia and is one of the pioneers for jailbreaking iPhones.  He tell us the benefits that can be had from jailbreaking your iPhone (or iPad).

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Wildly popular microblogging platform Twitter got nailed this week by what may well go down in history as the Dumbest. Lawsuit. Ever.

Dumber than that one time that old woman put hot coffee in her crotch and then sued McDonalds because she spilled hot coffee into her crotch?


Dumber than that one time that cat burglar fell through his intended victim's skylight, hurt himself on some kitchen knives, and then sued the burglary victim for negligence?


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 This is a pretty funny.  The creators of the cult TV cartoon, South Park put out a preview where Kyle gets tracked down by Apple because of his iPad.  



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Much has been written in the last week about Apple's supposed "tracking" of users' location and the fact that such tracking data is supposedly stored to the iPhone in an unencrypted database file. Indeed, we haven't seen this much fervor against the world's most popular phone manufacturer since last year's overblown "AntennaGate" fiasco. But does Apple really deserve this kind of abuse from the media?

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Figuring out how Chinese Internet and mobile consumers use the Internet has been confusing at best for anyone outside China (or even inside China).  Today a new report from McKinsey sheds some light on this.  They provide some very interesting stats for the Chinese Internet and also they make an attempt at segmenting Chinese Internet users.   Here are the stats..

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After nine long years, half of which have been spent in the dark shadows of social network monolith Facebook, it seems like it might finally be the beginning of the end for Friendster - at least in the Western hemisphere.

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You'd think that, by now, people would have stopped making incredibly embarrassing Facebook status updates. After all, with Facebook's privacy settings finally more or less stabilized, people have had plenty of time to set their status update visibility to "Friends Only" or other similarly limited privacy settings.

But luckily for Facebook status update website Reasons to Hate, there are still uncountable embarrassing Facebook status updates made every day - and finally there's a convenient way to browse the best of them.

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The big news for Apple users last week was the revelation that the iPhone not only tracks location information (something many users were already aware of), but actually saves years of it in an unsecured database on the iPhone. The blowback was immediate; countless blogs around the internet have run headlines like “Is Your iPhone Spying on You?” and congress has even demanded an explanation from Apple.

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