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Default All New Fun To Use Automate Your Twitter Account


Build solid Twitter Accounts that are highly targeted to your business, service or affiliate offer.
Follow people exactly when they are interested in your product, service or affiliate offer.
Easy Install! Runs on your desktop. ( windows version )
Your Twitter account information stays on your computer.

Handling Unlimited Twitter Accounts.
Auto Download Account Followers List.
Auto Search for twitter users to follow targeted to your niche via keyword.
Auto Search for twitter users to follow by Bio.(new)
Auto Search for twitter users to follow By location (with miles).(new)
Auto Search for twitter users to follow By zipcode.(new)
attitudes support ( postive, negative and asking a question ).(new)
Get user's followers or friends and follow them ( via screen name ).
Follow all users who are following you and send them direct message in automated mode ( set your own timer to check who followed you every x min(s) and follow him back ).(new)
Unfollow all users who are not following you anymore ( add users to white list to not be unfollowed ). (new)

Update your account status with just one click.
Add unlimited count of tweets and let the software tweet them in auto mode every x amount of minutes ( export and import tweets from account to another ).
shorting url included.
Automatically send RSS Feed tweets from any of rss link from RSS Blaster (new)
Generate rss news via keywords with rss blaster (new)
Super Tweets - When a person says something, "I want iphone" , software will reply to him with a user inputted tweet, "@personwhotweeted ,Check out my site to get free iphone.
and much more

System Requirements

Windows Operating system
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Twitter Account
.Net Frame work 3.5 ( available @ : Microsoft .Net framework 3.5
Internet Connection
Online Help

Check our software tour video at : http://www.autofollowscript.com
Check the training videos in details at : http://www.autofollowscript.com/video2.php


For all old labtweets buyers you will get free copy of the new software free. contact me to get your new copy with your old serial number.

License and refund policy

60 days money back guarantee.
License up to 3 computers.
Free life time update.
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