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Default How to crack the iphone

This is the method i have found the easiest and best. It unlocks, activates and jailbreaks your iphone all through a user interface that is easy to use. Just follow the guide.

Why would you want to do this to your iphone?

1. if you live in a country where iphone isn't sold with a plan and want to use another SIM card other than official iphone mobile service provider

2. you want to install 'unofficial' apps and get more access to the iphone's os x operating system and features


have fun!
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Wink You know that voids the warranty.

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- after 1 year there is no warranty anyway
- if you bring your phone and use another sim in another country, you have no choice.

Version 3.0 is out for generation 1 cracked iphones. Just did the upgrade. works a charm! Now to check out the new features in 3.0!!!

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