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Today Google announced that Orkut, Google's social network, is available as an app on Android phones. 

Not that many in North America and Europe use or know much about Orkut, but 15 million people who use the site in India sure do.  It is also popular in Brazil where 73% of online Brazilians are members, upwards of 20 million of them.

The strange thing here is that Google has taken two years to get an Orkut Android app out.  With Google owning the Android mobile platform AND the Orkut social network, one would think the Orkut app on google would be ready at Android's launch..2 years ago.  

Anyway, it has now arrived, better late than never we suppose.

The social networking app will keep users connected to their friends.  It looks like most of the basics are there like photo uploads, albums, Orkut / Android phone number sync and status message features.  There is also scrap notification when your scrapbook is updated and "Orkut friends live folders" which is explained as;
"Simply add the list of your orkut friends as a live folder on your home screen, and you'll be able to browse through your friends list even when not under data network coverage. The live folder also lets you communicate (via call, scrap or SMS) with your friends in a single click. To install a live folder, click "Menu > Add > Folders > Orkut" on your Android device’s homescreen after installing the orkut for Android application."




You can find Orkut in the Android Marketplace or by scanning the QR code below (it isn't in the Twittown Android app directory just yet, we will provide a link when it goes in)


Orkut Android QR Code
orkut android qr code


Mar 18, 2010

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