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If you happen to be an Android tablet user and are unhappy with the kind of attention the iPad gets for its superior UI, apps availability and other "do no wrong things and features" in general, here’s something that might make you happy. Folks with lots of money to spare from over at Square Trade decided to find out which of the three popular tablets in the US was the most durable one out there. Here’s what they came up with.

The test started off with a brand new, sparkling iPad 2 being dropped screen first on to the floor from waist height. Expectedly, the result post the fall wasn’t pretty. The device stopped working immediately and the glass on the screen felt like it was about to come off. In all, a total loss. 
Next up was the Galaxy Tab from Samsung. This is the previous generation, 7 inch tablet from them that was introduced last year. The tablet, when dropped from waist height, bounced up and surprisingly suffered little damage to the screen and was left in working condition. That said, we were not much convinced with the test and would like to have seen them do it again. But then Samsung might not particularly like the idea of seeing their product being tossed around like a ragdoll.
The same test was then reenacted with the Honeycomb Motorola Xoom. This tablet was the heaviest of the lot and like the others, was dropped on to the floor face first. The result was a totally damaged display. However, the condition of the display was way better than on the iPad 2. That said, the Motorola Xoom to was rendered useless after the test if that’s for any solace for all those iOS fans out there. Square Trade also noted that with the Apple Smart cover in place, the tablet did survive severe damage to the screen. Now that’s one good reason you might want to get a cover for your iPad 2.
Anyway, the official verdict that came out of these tests is that the iPad 2 is the least durable of the three tablets tested. The Xoom came a close second. The tablet to own, if you are prone to dropping your gadgets is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We wonder if the recently launched Galaxy Tab 10.1 would do as good as its predecessor. What do you think?
Jun 9, 2011

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