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 Today is the day for Apple's big media event, "Sneak Peek Into the Future", where they announced what is coming for the next generation iPhone.  The next version of the iPhone's software will be version 4.0 and many of the features were expected already on the Apple rumour mill.

When will the new iPhone be available is the question we were begging to know.  Apple says the new iPhone will be available this summer.  
With that out of the way, here is an overview of the nitty gritty details of Apple's iPhone media event announcements 
iPad Sales and stats
Apple has sold 450,000 iPads, 600,000 books and 3.5 million iPad apps as of today.  There are 3,500 iPad apps now available.
iTunes iPhone App Store
- 4 Billion Apps downloaded
- 185,000 apps now in the app store
New iPhone 4.0 features
Background processing /  multitasking 
Finally, Apple is allowing more than one app to run at a time.  Both users of iPhone / iPad will be rejoicing as they can finally be more productive on their Apple devices.  Apple third party app developers are also going to be happy as they can make apps that have more features like streaming, communication, messaging and more. 
In the new version, we will be able to double click the home button to bring up all running apps.  They have added seven background processing functions / APIs
  1. - Background audio while running other apps
  2. - VOIP (voice over IP) - Skype calls while other apps are running
  3. - Background location - Turn by turn and GPS apps can now run in the background
  4. - Push notifications 
  5. - Local notifications that don't need Apple's servers
  6. - Task completion - Uploading, saving, connecting etc. tasks will complete
  7. - Fast app switching - saves the state of the app and data without using much CPU to do so
Note: Only the new iTouch and iPhones coming out this summer will do multitasking.  Current models will not. 
Enhanced Mail App
  • - Unified eMail Inbox - Just like in Mac OS X mail, all mail accounts on iPhone will now be able to be viewed from one master inbox.  This is key for those who manage several (or more) email accounts on their iPhone.  Thank you Apple, about time. 
  • - Multiple exchange accounts
  • - Fast inbox switching
  • - View and organize email threads
  • - Open attachments with third party apps
  • - iPhone will have the same iBooks app as the iPad
  • - Sync all your books and you only need to "buy once"
  • - Current page and bookmarks are synced too
Enterprise Features
  • - Better data protection
  • - Mobile device management
  • - Wireless app distribution
  • - Multiple exchange accounts
  • - SSL VPN support
Game Center
  • - Currently 50,000 games are available for iPhone
  • - Challenge your friends at games with Matchmaking
  • - Achievements and leaderboards
  • - Social gaming network
Misc Features
  • - Folders - Users can now use and put folders on their home screen and easily file apps inside
  • - Wallpaper - Separate wallpapers for home screen and lock screen
  • - Bluetooth keyboards 
  • - Added security measures


Mobile Ad Platform - iAd
Apple has recently acquired Quattro Wireless who were the second largest mobile ad network on Apple devices after AdMob.  Here is what they have in store for their new mobile ad platform:
  • - Apple wants to improve the mobile ad experience for users and help developers make money
  • - Jobs wants to deliver "emotion and interaction" with mobile ads
  • - Will deliver interactive video content without leaving the app
  • - Apple will sell and host the ads and give 60% of revenues to developers
  • - Easy for developers to add ads to their app - can be done in an afternoon
  • - Games can also be inside ads
  • - All this to be done in HTML5
  • - Ads have access to many API's like accelerometer and GPS
iPhone / iPad 4.0 Software Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • - Adding thousands of new APIs
  • - Will be available today as a preview so developers can get cracking improving and making their apps compatible with the next generation phones coming this summer.
  • iPhone OS 4.0 for iPad will be available this fall
  • iPhone OS 4.0 will not work with first generation iPhones
Apr 8, 2010

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