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It's official, Apple has just announced that their much anticipated iPad tablet device will be available in the USA on April 3.  It is also posted on their front page at Apple.com.

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The Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad debate is heating up and is now very public.  With Steve Jobs publicly bashing flash and Adobe forging forward trying to get flash on Apple's devices and other mobile devices.

We wrote here previously on The Real Reason Apple Declared War on Adobe Flash. 

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Data Center Knowledge has found a short bit of aerial video footage of Apple's new $1 Billion datacenter in Maiden, North Carolina.  Apple's new massive data center gives them 500,000 square feet more space to fill with servers and storage, presumably for their online and or cloud computing offerings.    

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When Apple removed more than 5,000 applications from the iPhone store last week deemed “too sexy” to be distributed on its wildly popular handheld devices, internet pundits were quick to cry “CENSORSHIP!” – that age-old clarion call that supposedly heralds the beginning of the end of the freedom of information that supposedly underpins the internet. Tech blogs around the world called it the first step down a slippery slope, and commentators on blogs like Techcrunch and Mashable stated their belief that the move would end Apple in court.

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Don't have time to watch the whole keynote presentation of Steve Jobs introducing the iPad to the world? Here is a 3 minute condensed version, (well ok a parody) of the keynote for your enjoyment.

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After weeks of speculation, Apple’s new tablet computer, appropriately dubbed the “iPad,” has finally seen the light of day. Steve Jobs formally announced the iPad tablet computer yesterday, repeated painting a picture for the audience of a device that falls in between a smartphone and a notebook computer. Jobs lambasted netbook manufacturers, who have tried in the past to fill that gap, saying that the devices were inferior to both ends of the gap they try to fill.

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Apple and their iPhone App Store have been in the news quite a bit lately - and not in a good way. A series of high-profile application rejections and generally poor decision-making regarding their application approval process have led many iPhone advocates to question the cult of Apple - and their vague, preposterous standards regarding the acceptability of applications for the iPhone and iPod touch might become the deciding factor in the coming mobile war between Apple, Google, Blackberry and Nokia. That war will be fought in our pockets and in our hands; as applications proliferate and...

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There has been much discussion around the iPhone and how it is only a consumer device, an ipod + mobile phone. It has even been said that the iPhone has no place on any corporate network.

Apple has recently published a new iPhone FAQ on their website and it has a surprise. “For secure Internet access, iPhone supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security and virtual private networking (VPN).” This is great news for those who want to work with the iPhone.

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CNET Australia has posted an article that compares the features of both the Apple iPhone and the Nokia N95 side by side. Very interesting. We conclude that everyone is going to have a different preference depending on what they use the phone for.

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Another good, long detailed iPhone review, this one by Steven Levy which is posted on MSNBC / Newsweek.

There are many interesting tidbits, here is just one:

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