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The reviews are pouring in now and Apple must have required that they all be released at close to the same time or something.

Anyway, this next one is from Edward Baig over at USA Today.

Here are some excerpts:

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Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt states that the Apple iPhone “is a perfect platform for Google’s hosted applications”.

Could there be a Apple - Google partnership on the horizon?

Source - iPhone Article on ZDNet

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Another review in from Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. A very detailed review, a must read. Here are some quotes from Walter:

“In the 16 years I have been reviewing technology, there has never been this much hype and high expectations”

“Most beautiful and radical smart phone I have ever tested”

“Keyboard issue is a non-issue”

“Best web browser I have ever seen on a handheld device”

“Big drawback is that it is only available on the AT&T”

Here is a video of Walter and an overview on his iPhone review.

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We will post reviews as we get them in. Here is the first from the NY Times. They say :

“As it turns out, much of the hype and some of the criticisms are justified. The iPhone is revolutionary; it’s flawed. It’s substance; it’s style. It does things no phone has ever done before; it lacks features found even on the most basic phones.”

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Here is a good article over at myway news about the hype and over-hype of the iPhone launch. Once of the many things it talks about is how any small disappointment in the performance of the iPhone could hurt Apple and its stock price.

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Apple and AT&T have announced that there will be three service plans available for the iPhone when it comes out on the 29th June. They will start at $59.99 and all three will include unlimited data, visual voicemail, 200 SMS, roll over minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile calling (presumably on the AT&T network only).The other plans will be priced at $79.99 and $99.99 while there will be 2 models of the iPhone available to start, a $499 and a $599 version.Activation will be required and can be done online using either a PC or Mac computer.

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This article from Bloomberg suggests that the iPhone may not bring the returns expected for Apple shares..

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