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 If you are in the market for a smartphone, it might help if you know what phones you may not want to deal with. This is especially true if you have never had a smartphone before. Here you can read about some of the least popular smartphones available. This might be able to save you some headaches. If you are going to spend good money on a phone that is doubling up to do many other tasks, it should be important that you get the best device for your money.

Nokia 8600 Luna – The first thing to mention about this phone is its outrageous price tag. With the same money you could buy two iPhones and eight LG Chocolates! What is even worse is that both those phones are not only less expensive, they out perform the Luna. The phone is attractive and is very durable. Can even withstand a drop down a flight of stairs. It does not have 3G and its features are limited, it doesn’t even have as many features as some free phones have. It does have Bluetooth and a camera, but the phones storage is only 128MB and it has no slot for a memory card.

– Although this phone has some nice features like a camera, Windows Mobile 6, GPS and other features found on most smartphones. Even though it does have Windows Mobile, it comes with its own suite of programs. Even though it has some nice features, and a nice look, its price is quite expensive. For as much as it costs, you would think it would be quite speedy in processing information, but instead the phone is very sluggish in everything it does.

Samsung Blast SGH-t729
– This T-Mobile phone claims to have a keyboard like all of its competition but it really is not much like those other phones and it is not very comfortable when you try to use it. The email option on the phone is suppose to allow you to get to your Yahoo or Gmail accounts just by entering in your user name and password, but there are times it fails by saying “Invalid user or password.” This can even happen when you are already in your email and trying to read mail or send mail. The network that they use was not very good and in some areas you can not get any signal. The choice of ringtones were unimaginative and callers sounded like they were in a cave or canyon talking.

Samsung Glyde
– Is a nice looking phone and it does come with a lot of nice features, especially the keyboard that some might really like. Problem is, it can be slow and at times it has an unresponsive UI. Sometimes the screen is also unresponsive and will need to be rebooted.

Sanyo Katana LX
– Probably the best thing about this phone is the fact that it has a very nice slim design and is very inexpensive. Those who however are looking for the ability to view or listen to multi-media files, it is not going to happen with this phone. The disappointment is that it doesn’t even have the features that other phones in the same price range have, which is around $50.00.  It is very slow and its camera does not take very good pictures.

Blackberry Storm
– This camera has a great look and it has a great clickable touch screen. The navigator works very nicely. It has quite a few features but it is sluggish in a lot of areas and some of its software programs seem to have bugs in them.

Samsung Behold II – It has a unique and interesting design but it has slow UI, it is an unimpressive Android model with very little imagination used in it. It also has no Wi Fi and you can’t integrate your address book or social networking sites.

Garmin Nuvifone G60
– The navigation on this phone is great but there really isn’t much else that is innovative about this phone, there is nothing new. The GPS is unreliable when surrounded by buildings, any live services will cost you extra and there is no app store for it.

-Mobile Sidekick – It has a pretty good e-mail interface that makes it easy to access your e-mail. Very good keyboard giving a nice typing experience and customizable shells. The video however is of very low quality, the uploads are extremely slow, there is no Wi-Fi or 3G data and the apps are very limited in their originality. 

HP iPAQ Glisten
– This particular phone is more geared to business people with its sleek design and very bright touchscreen. But what it offers the price is far too steep and there are a lot of phones out there that can beat this one hands down and for the same price or less. It does have fast web browsing and a large keyboard. The display however; is of low resolution. There are very few apps to choose from and the processor is somewhat slower than other phones similar to this one.


Feb 13, 2010

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