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 Here is one to file under wacky and strange.  It is not a twitter app but a whole twitter APPliance!  It is a kettle that is connected to twitter and is supposed to tweet that the water is boiling in your fancy twitter WiFi kettle.

The kettle is called twettle and is a project of two British entrepreneurs.  You can't actually buy the kettle yet, but they have designed it and are ready to go, except one small factor.  They need investment to go into production and are GBP 500,000 short of funds, to quote their blog post on the project. 

But why would anyone want this you ask?  We don't know why either, can you not hear the kettle in the kitchen?  Or just go back to the kitchen in a few minutes when you are sure the water has boiled?  

Points for creativity but I can't see this one flying, or tweeting rather.








Apr 11, 2010

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